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A Leader In Polymer Corrosion Control Systems



Mortars Material Groups :  

Wellcoat offers a complete line of mortar systems which include epoxies, vinyl esters, 
polyesters, phenolic, furans, and silicates. Wellcoats mortarsystems utilize silica 
and carbon and other select fillers for high concentratedacids and alkalis and high 
temperature environments.
Typical installations are completed by either brick layer or tile setter method of
and direct bond application.

Phenolic Resin Mortar No. P068 / P068C / P068SW

Epoxy Resin Mortars No. P110 / P110C / P110W / P120 / P120C /P120W

Vinyl Ester Resin Mortars No. P250 / P250C /P260 / P260C

Furan Resin Mortars No. P330 / P330C

Siliacte Mortars No. P460 / P480

Polyester Mortars No. P520 / P520C

Benefits :
Cost Effective
Long Service Life.
Excellent Track Record   

Typical Use :
Floorings, Trenches and Pits
Chimney Linings
Vessel Linings
Tank Linings
FGD Linings
Tower Linings
Hopper Linings
Column Linings