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LineGuard Material Groups :
High Performance Monolithic Linings and Floorings

Generic Types & Products :
Epoxy  LineGuard 630 Series LineGuard 670 Series
Novolac Epoxy LineGuard 640 Series LineGuard 680 Series
Vinyl Ester LineGuard 530 Series LineGuard 570 Series
Novolac Vinyl Ester  LineGuard 540 Series LineGuard 580 Series

In general, Wellcoat LineGuard systems are inert filled silica, flake and fiberglass mat / roving reinforcement lining and flooring 
systems which provide outstanding chemicals and super thermal cycling resistance. The systems version could be available 
for impact and heavy abrasive environments when inert W-2 filler ( abrasive filler ) with roving cloth for topcoat is applied.
Also, the systems inert carbon filler and synthetic fabric reinforcement is available for conductivity, strong fluorides and caustic 

The inert flake filled LineGuard systems reduce moisture permeation and the coefficient of expansion to minimize the 
disbondment between steel or concrete substrate and lining.

Typical Section View : Wellcoat FlakeGuard system are a typical 2.3 ~ 3 mm  which consist of a layer of primer,
a silica filled basecoat reinforced with fiberglass and an abrasion resistant topcoat.

Benefits :
● Excellent chemicals and abrasion resistant
● Excellent physical and mechanical strength
● low permeability
● Suitable for immersion service  
● High temperature resistant up to 93oC immersion service
Typical Use :
● Chemical Process & Storage Areas
● Food Process Areas
● Foundation, Trenches, Pit & Sumps
● Containment Dikes & Vaults
● Plating Rooms
● FGD Scrubbers & Ducts
● Demineralization Areas
● Waste water treatmen
● Compressor Rooms
● Piers & Piping
● Acid Pickling, Plating & Cleaning Tanks

● Process Vessels, Separators, Clarifiers, Thicker Tanks & Neutralization Tanks