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FlakeGuard Material Groups :
High Performance Glass Flake & Flake Filled Linings

Generic Types & Products :
Novolac Epoxy V FlakeGuard 820/825
Vinyl Ester V FlakeGuard 850/855 FlakeGuard 930E
Novolac Vinyl Ester V FlakeGuard 860/865 FlakeGuard 930N
Polyester V FlakGuard PGL-162 FlakGuard PGL-162T

Wellcoat FlakeGuard systems are inert filled glass flake and flake reinforcement lining systems which provide 
outstanding corrosive chemicals, high temperature and very low permeability. The systems could resist to bleaches,
sodium hypochlorite, glacial acetic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and organic solvents.

The inert filled glass flake systems has a permeability value of 0.00015 perm / inch and a permeance of 0.0019 at 
80 mils thickness, The filled FlakeGuard systems are subject to rapid and cyclic temperature changes which have 
coefficient of liner expansion (CLTE) closer to concrete and steel to minimize the disbondment between steel or 
concrete substrate and lining.

Typical Section View : Wellcoat FlakeGuard system are a typical 2 mm (by trowel) and 1 mm (by spray) 
which consist of a layer of primer, a flake or glass flake filled liner and an optional gel coat for trowel 
applied system.

Benefits :
Excellent chemicals and abrasion resistant
Excellent physical and mechanical strength

Very low permeability
Suitable for immersion service  
High temperature resistant up to 204oC

Typical Use :
Steel and concrete structure lining
Primary storage and processing tanks
Concrete secondary containment
FGD systems, absorber, scrubber, duct and chimney
Trenches, pits and sumps
Chemical processing floor, acid pickling floor
Chemical and solvent storage areas
Waste water treatment facilities
Pulp and paper industries