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A Leader In Polymer Corrosion Control Systems



FRP Grate, Filament & Dual Laminate Construction Groups :

Wellcoat advance and pioneer the design and quality manufacturing of
grating, filament wound fiberglass pipelines, ducts, fittings, vessels, hoods,
scrubbers, and stacks, from full vacuum service to 150 psig design pressure
and up to 204J design temperature.
Wellcoat have developed the electrically conductive technique that allows the
electric current to lead it to ground. There are instances where the flow of an explosive 
gas,such as Hydrogen, will create a static charge in FRP Duct Systems. This charge must be bled off to ground. However, 
Standard FRP products will not allow this to occur.

Generic Types & Products :
WellGrate          V Square & Rectangular Mesh Panels
FRP Filament     V TankBPipelineBScrubberBChimneyBDuct & Conductive FRP Products
Dual Laminate    V Vinylchlorides (PVC & CPVC)

  V Polyilefins (PP & PE)

  V Fluoropolymers (PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, MFA, PFA)

Typical Use :
Food & Beverage Plants
Chemical Plants
Power Plants
FGD Systems
Pulp & Paper Industries
Steel Plants
Storage Tanks
Other Industrial Facilities