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A Leader In Polymer Corrosion Control Systems



CreteGuard Material Groups :
Provide Abrasion, High Performance and Chemicals Resistant
For Floor Topping

Generic Types & Products :
Epoxy  V CreteGuard 230 Series
Novolac Epoxy  V CreteGuard 240 Series
Vinyl Ester  V CreteGuard 280 Series
Novolac Vinyl Ester V CreteGuard 290 Series
Urethane V CreteGuard 260 Series

Wellcoat CreteGuard systems are three components heavy duty flooring material which provide excellent abrasion, 
traffic and high impact resistance and outstanding harsh chemicals and spillage of solvents resistance. The durable 
floor topping systems are designed for hand and power trowel applications and their dense surfaces provide 
penetration resistance and easy to clean.

The aggregates filled CreteGuard systems prevent penetration of corrosive chemicals and the coefficient of 
expansion to minimize the disbondment between steel or concrete substrate and topping. The CreteGuard 260 
Series are 100% solids contained urethane systems which offer temperature resistant up to 132oC and can be 
steam cleaned.

Benefits :
Excellent Chemicals and Mechanical Abuse
Excellent Physical And Mechanical Strength
Hand and Power Trowel applications
Broadcasting With Various Grits and Aggregates
Re-slope Floors
Seamless Surface Prevent Penetration of Chemicals  

Typical Use :
Chemical Process Areas
Breweries and Soft Drink Plants
Food Processing Plants and Pharmaceutical Plants
Trenches and heavy drainage areas
Rebuild and repair damaged concrete
Heavy industrial floors and pump pads
Secondary containment areas
Cleanroom projects
Aisles and ramps
Loading areas